SIB: I’m ready for this, there’s no denying

05:15:26 – turn off car, start warm up down Runnymede.

Workout is decided (2-1-30). Route TBD.

In the end it seemed to work out fairly well – we did one 2:30 interval to get to an intersection. And believe me everyone noticed. Profanity and arguing about it was relatively subdued. With a little peace and some harmony – SIB will be fine.

At the end of the day I got a total of 7.4 miles and 8(?) rounds of 2-1-30.

Detailed explanation: 2 min hard/1 min recovery/1 min hard/30 sec recovery/30 sec hard/30 sec recovery (repeat)

FNG (now Scooby) with giant kidnapper van introduced to the pax by Shawshank. We also had INCOMING! as a SIB FNG – he’s gonna run Marine Corps Marathon with me (different age group though). Meanwhile Velma, Daphne and Fred continue their usual antics. I gotta say Cindy shows the most appreciation/enthusiasm for when we find a hill right at the start of an interval. I would say more of us should adopt his attitude but then I think better of it. Easy Rings wasn’t the six today (mostly). But that should just tell you how strong the pax is overall. Belly Itcher looked very strong today. Have we ever run through Park Rd Shopping Center like that. Note for future reference – early yoga classes create some back lot traffic. Look forward to seeing the Mystery Machine at many more workouts.

Next week we will do some sprints (just a few) with a couple of long intervals thrown in as well.

School is back in session. Get used to it.

Announcements – Popper said something about burpees and beer. I even found a link (thanks for nothing Popper). — please note no drinking before the event.

I’m raising money for MDA at Marine Corps Marathon again this year. Thanks for making a donation. Good pic of Owen with the SFN chair – though he is taking this year off from marathoning.

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