SIB: No Thought Control

Cindy likes backblasts. Mostly it just gives him another venue to provide unsolicited commentary/opinion/wisdom through the comments section.

This workout took place last week, today.

It was hills week. We went to Federalist’s house. The Atlas crowd and others use this territory occasionally but new ground for SIB.

Our biggest challenge – how to get there. Oh yeah, we can run. It is a long way to Meadowbrook – too much for a warm up run – so we threw in some intervals along the way. General theme of the day: Intervals are either (a) 2 minutes or (b) to “the top” of something. Recovery was variable. Most of the hill work in the middle was Sedgewood Lake/Sedgewood Cir OR Meadowbrook/Hearthstone/Sedgewood. The Meadowbrook part is too steep to run fast but works well as a gut check and mental prep for BRR (just imagine you are doing this hill for much much longer).

Sub4 was back and out front – requires the Q to plan ahead or yell instructions (if one is so inclined to make it up as you go). Narc is moving up through the pack – rounding into distance shape quickly. The whole crew was SIB and F3 vets who can all keep up and #mumblechatter with the best of them. Use those inside voices on Segdewood Lake. How many of his football players can Coach outrun – well maybe not first step off the line of scrimmage but if you put the finish line out far enough I’m picking him in the race.

Total mileage was 7.5+ and much of it fast (or at least painful).

We’ll do timed intervals next time (well what do you know we already did!).


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