It’s All Digital

Posted on behalf of Ann & Hope (some day he will might get posting privileges, but it that has to go to the appeals committee).

Mosey to the storm drain cover.  Announce directions a bit too quickly and create some confusion.  Run the first hill 3 times.  Run to the right (that’s counter clockwise) to the next hill.  Run that hill 3 times.  Repeat the same at all the hills encountered (including the hill coming back up from Sardis) until back at the storm drain cover.  Start over but go clockwise (that’s to the left).


Purell may have completed both full laps.  He is fast.  I was farther back.  It was humid and awful.  You’re welcome.  Blame Spooky Jon for having to bail on the Q with a tweaked back the night before (and me for having little creativity and for not asking him what he had planned).


Thanks for Tulip’s daughter and Rock’s recoveries.  Thanks to Egypt for the takeout.  Always an honor and privilege for me to lead.


The last McHorsey of the year / season is next week on Monday, August 27.  Don’t miss it.

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  • August 24, 2018 at 10:18 am

    #WorstHorseyBackblastEver. At least pretend to try, and throw in 1 attempt at humor. McHorsey Q card revoked until next June.

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