Sweet 6 BB: Camp Chronicles, Vol. 3

Some days you have it, some days you don’t.  My alarm chirped to life at 4:40am with my daily affirmation from Stuart Smalley.  At 4:41am, I said to myself, “Self, today is your day.  You’re good enough, you’re smart enough and doggonit, people like you.”  And with that my day was off to a got it kind of day.

Hit the parking lot at 5, simultaneously opened the door and started running as I pulled into a space.  Still have it.  Caught a quick 2 miles so I could hit 10 before 6:15, becausin’ I don’t want to miss the countorama.  Still have it.  Circled back to catch Swamp and Cindy for some additional morning words of encouragement.  Gettin’ some more of it.  Cindy was telling us about the latest book he’s reading, Being and Time by Martin Heidegger (in the original German format).

He had just finished explaining existentialism and hermeneutics and was just about to move on to deconstruction when we came across a dude handing out free! ice cream at the corner of Trade & Tryon.  No kidding, standing right there by the woman and baby statue with vanilla, chocolate or vanilla and chocolate.  Absolutely still have it.

We polished those puppies off before partner carries up the mutha and then got back to the discussion of deconstruction and the critique of the relationship between text and meaning when I lost it.

Never take free ice cream at the corner of Trade & Tryon at 5:45am.  It’s probably not good.  Mine was not good.  It fought me.  Punched me in the stomach and raged to be released.  So release it I did.  This my friends is when my morning took a turn from got it to lost it and why I missed my very own COT and missed 10 of the names.


F3 Super Dad Camp Update

Apparently some feathers were ruffled at the other 3 F3 Super Dad Camps that were being held the same time as the OG.  I didn’t realize it would be a big deal not to include them in my flash back and I’m always interested in making sure everyone is happy so I let each of them write-in summaries of their weekends to share with you all.

F3 Super Dad Camp Gawja

Fellow F3 brothers, Tater McBigTruck reporting here.

  • Camp count, 147.  Comprised of 47 men and the difference in youngins
  • Held in the cotton field
  • Camp activities included hog tying, tractor pulls, deer huntin, duck huntin, boar huntin, squirrel huntin

Tater McBigTruck, over and out.

F3 Super Dad Camp Tennessee Volunteers

Hey guys, thanks for letting us share our weekend with you.  We spent most of it worshiping at the Temple of Manning with Papa John.  We didn’t have the awesome carnival you guys had but Layla Kiffin did stop by.  By the way, we didn’t really care about this write-in thing, seems South Carolina was behind it.

F3 Super Dad Camp South Carolina ‘Cocks

‘Cock Camp was a true honor gentlemen.  We had to secure a 2nd campground just for the shovel flags.  We succeeded in our goal of having more shovel flags, more hours of YouTube footage and more Twitter posts than children at ‘Cock Camp.  We strive to give it away here at ‘Cock Camp.

We posted 12 times in 2 days.  We had hourly readings of Freed to Lead.  We practiced ruining the Mud Run and BRR.

We also took some time to prepare a list of grievances against F3 Metro;

  1. Start taking F3 seriously again.  It has to define you.  No more “just getting together with the dudes in the morning”.
  2. Never, ever disrespect another region.  We are all brothers-in-arms.  Aye?
  3. Never post to another workout without your F3 shirt.  It’s a uniform and has to be worn on game day.
  4. One shovel flag is not enough and I hear some of your sites don’t even have one!?!  We aim to make that a reportable, punishable offense.
  5. Disclaimers must be stated before each and every Q begins.  It’s dangerous not to.

We propose a board meeting to be held at a neutral site to elect an oversight committee and to establish a new set of by laws.  We’ll be in touch.

Your Honorable ‘Cock Camp Chairperson


Side Hustle

Slaughter bet me a crisp $100 bill, Benjamin as the kids call it, I couldn’t use the words – cock, hermeneutics, the, puppies and doggonit in a BackBlast.  You loose sucka.

Ok, seems all should be good now.  Hope you enjoyed your morning run.



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  • August 23, 2018 at 2:16 pm

    This piece of literature is way better than Being and Time. I dropped my iPhone12 at…”We practiced ruining the Mud Run and BRR.” #truthtorpedo

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