charlie boy

17 mutineers at this morning’s DMZ.  Here’s what we attempted:

The Drill:

SSH (30)

Mosey down Carmel to Mill Pond to Haverstick, dolly (20), flutter (20), and merkins (20)

AYG up/down Haverstick with diamonds and knee-ups (10/20, 12/18,…,18/12, 20/10), plank to 6in

Boone LBC R/L (20), RTs (20), plank to 6in

Backwards up Haverstick (2x), partner wheelbarrow up Haverstick

AYG up Haverstick (2x), partner wheelbarrow up Haverstick

AYG up Haverstick (2x), merkins (20), flutter (20), dolly (20)

Back to Carmel Road Park

COT (Thanks, Bushwood, for the takeout)


Color Commentary:

Great to post at DMZ this morning.  Lots of new faces, some respected from afar (Chalet, Love Bug), and several I don’t get to see nearly enough (Bushwood, Rock, Kirk).  A couple of references to DMZ legends of the past, Swiper and Hops, but neither of those jokers showed.  Today’s DMZ isn’t for everyone – we pressed on.  Cobains on the lack of familiarity with the AO, but Haverstick served us all really well.  Nothing fancy about the drill, got close to 4mi plus some core and upper body.  Special thanks to AF and Hamlet on the extended 6in 10-counts.  Ouch.  Chalet out front all morning with Bushwood (cat-and-mouse), Love Bug and Kirk giving chase.  Albatross (WD) at 54 was new to me but definitely contending for #Rifty.  2nd time posting with Hammer in past 4 days, and both times featured a mysterious exit/re-appearance (EPO?).  Orlando ran his mouth for the full 45, we all kinda felt sorry for Rock.  Nevertheless, all seemed OK…until second wheelbarrows, then despondency crept in among the pax.  Within no time, about 5 guys bagged it and headed for the house.  Maybe it was start of school jitters, last night’s lasagna, threats from the M, or the hills of Mountainbrook.  But I’m really hoping it wasn’t due to Orlando’s yapping.  Next time more running, fewer exercises.  Thanks again to Aquafresh for the opportunity to lead.  Great mix of men, lots of AO options, and plenty more work to do.



  • Metro convergence – Labor Day, 9/3, 0700 at Latta Park in Dilworth.  Thin Slice, Narc, and Pate leading the regulars.
  • Sunday’s QSource topic is CONTENTMENT.  Orlando has the lead.  It’ll be a good one, maybe even a few nuggets to tactfully take home to your wives.  Cotswold Brueggers, 0815-0845, after Caffeine run.
  • Be on lookout for 2nd launch of QSource discussion in Metro in the coming weeks.  Targeting Friday AMs in midtown area, facilitated by one of Metro’s finest.  Trust me, we’re in for a treat.

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  • August 28, 2018 at 1:19 pm

    Strong lead Stinger.
    Probably too much running for Hops, who’s a bit of a bootcamp purist.
    Swiper – MIA?
    Proud of Bushwood for hanging in on the wheelbarrows, despite his priestly hands.

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