Pre-blast promises kept

True to the pre-blast, YHC planted the shovel flag and led the pax around the neighborhood for 3+ miles, did some burpees, ‘merkins (the had release, head slap kind) and squats, said “howdy” to the am walkers, found some hills, jumped a fence (okay, it was actually a gate), see below for the details.

5:30: Leave south parking lot of Huntingtowne Farms Elementary via mosey and collect the pax in the north parking lot for COP.

COP: side straddle hop x 30, mountain climbers x 20, copperhead squats x 20, hand-relase, head slap merkins x 10

Mosey to the entrance of the Elementary School and Huntingtowne Farms Lane. Start the ‘Merkin March, 6 hand-release, head slap ‘merkins at each light pole on the right hand of HFL and along Goneaway Road. The hand-release, head slap ‘merkin is meant to perfect the ‘merkin form and prevent the “cheatin’.” YHC lost count of the ‘merkins, but it was likely somewhere in the 30 – 40 range.

Collect the pax with some flutters x 20.

Mosey down to the Charlotte Tennis Academy grounds (where we jumped a gate (okay, some pax jumped the gate, others (like YHC) moseyed around the gate)). Upon close proximity to the CTA, sloppy informed YHC that the pull-up bars we were seeking had been removed “recently.” Bummer. No pull-ups today for these pax.

Gather the pax for 30 count Freddie Mercury. Mosey over to the “Colchester Lurker” for some hill work. 7’s on the hill – squats at the top, burpees at the bottom. It was a mighty fine hill, suitable for smoking all 10 of us. Of course sloppy, cold cuts and becky led the pax. During round 4 up the hill, pax had the opportunity to greet the first morning jogger with a heart “mornin’.”

Collect the pax with some Mary. Mosey over to Burnt Mill and Tall Oaks. Collect the pax with some Mary. Countdown to allow some breathes to be caught. Line-up for a AYG from Burnt Mill to Huntintowne Farms Lane.

Rumor has it that merlot was splashed at the end of Tall Oaks – looking for confirmation.

Mosey/Slosey to stop sign at Goneway.

Mosey to South parking lot, the long way.

Times up.


F3 trip to Peru in January; connect with GOP for details

Small Group starting at Becky’s home. Sunday night 6:30 – 8:30, childcare provided.

F3 event at MPCC on 9/19/18. Speaker Chad Williams and Dredd discuss sacrifice.

F3 off-the-books workout on 9/20/18 at Alexander Graham, led by Navy Seal Chad Williams and Dredd.

The Valley will be on sabbatical to attend the 9/20 workout at AG. Valley beatings resume on 9/27.


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  • September 6, 2018 at 9:46 pm

    Who splashed the merlot? That’s FAA’s favorite hill. Was it him?

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