We had a moving warmup. SSHs in the parking lot, moseyed some, IWs, moseyed some more, Dips, moseyed some more, derkins, moseyed some more, LBCs, moseyed some more until we ended up at the pull-up bars for:


3 rounds of

10 Pull-ups

15 Extended LBCs

20 Merkins

15 Extended LBCs


Then moseyed, crab walked, moseyed, lung walked, moseyed to the stand near the stadium for:


BTW/Australian mountain climbers

Donkey kicks

PC/Air press

BTW/Shoulder slaps

Donkey kicks


Moseyed to the far side of the stadium for a partner’s Jacob’s ladder. One partner does ab exercises while the other goes to the top of the stadium and does burpees.


One more trip up and down the stadium and then


Incline Merkins


Time to return to the start with AYG for the last bit.




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