Breezy morning at Casbah

Breezy morning at Casbah – despite the humidity, it actually felt nice with the breeze.  Less than a week since the conclusion of BRR, and the Pax wanted mileage, so the Q obliged.

Mosey around the track and out the portal, left onto Colony.  Quick stop for some IWs to stretch out the legs and regroup.  Continue mosey across Fairview and down to Sharon View.

Mary – LBCs, Flutters, and Freddy Mercury.

Main event – 5 trips up to Allison.  20 merkins at the top, burpees 1-5 at the bottom.

Little more Mary, some lunge walk, then run all you got or care to give up to Fairview.  Squats to regroup – more Mary, cut short trying (an abject failure actually) to time the light at Fairview.

Mosey up to Morrocroft with short stop to finish what we left incomplete at Fairview.

Mosey back to Governor’s Hill, then AYG back to launch.  Fin.  COT.

Thanks to One Eye for the takeout.

No real announcements, but be on the lookout for volunteer opportunities in the days that follow to help those impacted by the storm.


Also, YHC claimed that it was roughly 1/10 of a mile to Allison Ave.  Film Fest felt it was longer.  Google Maps has it at +/- 0.14.  With the storm approaching, Gnarly Goat has requested that we all check our storm grates so that rain water can safely drain.  Check your neighborhood, clean debris where you can.  Almost like the oxygen masks on an airplane, once you and your family are safe,  you can help others.

Stay safe, gents!

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