Never Remember….

There are things you should never forget. Like your Mom’s birthday. When the super bowl is played. And 9/11. So, when I showed up with a plan for today’s edition of ALS and Foo had to remind me what today was, I felt a little embarrassed. I mean, its 9/11. I love the way we remember our fallen, and I am deeply moved by all of the ways we remember what happened. So, I had to make a quick adjustment as to what we were going to do.


First, the standard. Because even when I screw up, I remember the standard.

Next, mosey to the Selwyn school drive for alternating merkins and squats—9 and 11—at each light pole. Plank when you get to Colony. Turn left and head to the wall by the tennis courts. 9 burpees, climb the wall/railing and run to the fence for 11 Tijuana dreamers. Count down to 0. Plank when done.

Mosey to the bleachers by the tennis courts and divide into 2 groups. One starts with 11 way back foot hook sit ups, the other group starts with 9 maktar jye. Bear crawl one way, run back.

Lunge walk to colony, jail break to Selwyn drive. Repeat 9’s and 11’s with SSH and LBC’s at the light posts.


NMM: Once again, Foo’s guardrails saved my rear end. Just like the time he killed the lunch lady, or the time he told me not to buy a pallet load of bowling balls at Habitat for Humanity ( they were $5 each!!) Glad I was able to modify the beatdown to be cognizant of the day.   For the record, the bear crawls and maktar jye were killing me. To the point where I subbed LBC’s for Carolina dry docks on the way back.


We are fortunate people to be alive here and now. Our country got gut-punched, and yet we didn’t collapse.   People stronger than me rescued and fought for us, and we are grateful for their sacrifice. It hurts to think about all that made the supreme sacrifice in the face of horror. We owe the ones that are yet to be born a safe secure country where liberty and justice for all are more than just words. It’s a way of life.

Announcements: Horse’s 80th bday coming up next Tuesday. Goal is 80 pax – bring somebody, especially an FNG!!

Q source starts 9.21 at 635 King’s drive Duncan donuts.

Seal of God talk at MPCC Wednesday 9.19. Workout at AG to follow.

Stay strong, and thanks for making me stronger.

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