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8 showed for an iffy, yet potentially dangerous post-hurricane Big Hair Monday. As promised on the twitter sphere, we found higher ground on which to fine-tune our bodies. 7 Pax arrived in the parking lot and we made our way up East Blvd. to the corner of East and Kenilworth, in the parking lot across from Bakersfield for COP. Marilyn joined us part-way through the side straddle hops. We did those and some squats, mountain climbers, ‘merkins, LBC’s. I also confused the pax with a stretching exercise that I called cherry-pickers, in which the pax reach down between their spread legs to stretch the hamstrings. Kit made the keen observation that cherries grow on trees. Possibly, these are called cotton-pickers.

Gather the pax and run South on Kenilworth towards Park Rd. Stop for some Mary. Lots of Mary.

Head back North to East Blvd, right turn to Sho-mars. Right turn on Cumberland, down the hill, gather at the bottom.

7’s on the hill – burpees and squats.

Belly sprint from the Cumberland Valley to show-mars parking lot.

Widearms and dips, basically to failure.

Sprint back to parking lot for COT.

Total of 3.22 miles.

Kit with the take-out.



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