It’s Always #Sucktastic @ Combine

9 men ventured to Combine.  This is what you missed:

The Thang:

10 burpees whilst we wait for late bike arrival #CmonMillenial

Carry your bell to DES playground

5 pull-ups, 10 push presses, 15 chgerkins, 20 goblet squats, 25 swings, 20 goblet squats, 15 chgerkins, 10 push presses, 5 pull-ups

Hot lap around entire DES campus (Myrtle, Berkeley, Euclid, Park, Myrtle)

Flutters whilst we wait for the 6

5 pull-ups, 10 rows, 15 wide arms, 20 goblet squats (last 10 with thruster), 25 swings, 20 goblet squats (first 10 with thruster), 15 wide arms, 10 rows, 5 pull-ups

Hot lap reverse direction around entire DES campus (Myrtle, Park, Euclid, Berkeley, Myrtle)

Plank whilst we wait

5 pull-ups, 10 sumo high pulls, 15 chgerkins, 20 goblet squats (last 10 with thruster), 25 swings, 20 goblet squats (first 10 with thruster), 15 chgerkins, 10 sumo high pulls, 5 pull-ups

Sprints on the DES field

5 pull-ups, 10 snatches, 15 wide arms, 20 goblet squats (last 10 with thruster), 25 swings, 20 goblet squats (first 10 with thruster), 15 wide arms, 10 snatches, 5 pull-ups

One trip to fence and back AYG



I’m Not Crying…It’s Just Been Raining on My Face.  Stinger showed up in his #Paperboyz tank to the Q’s delight…only to then proceed to hand his 53-pound KB to TML (#BetterHimThanMe) and then take off for some running.  Oh…oh…I, I see…yeah, that makes sense (“it’s not you, it’s me”)…what? Oh no, there’s nothing, nothing wrong…just got some dust in my eyes…I need to go over here and…[bawling]. 

Team Blue Man Group.  Curly, TML and Titan led much of the way today, especially on the DES field sprints.  Frankly, it was hard to tell them apart in the shadows that I actually called TML “Curly” at one point.  (Semi-related tangent: in somewhat shocking news, no one mistook Boba Fett for Panda this morning so BF has that going for him.)  Team Blue Man tried to corral me afterwards to convince me of the pros of shaving my head completely instead of “wussing out” (Titan’s words I believe) with a mere buzzing.  Some day, boys, some day…we could make a pretty good Mud Run team….hmmmmmm.  

Random Thoughts.  Modified Lee 500 today (4 rounds of 125 reps).  Thrusters are legit…and Titan does them pretty damn fast.  Fruit of the Loom is just one of the best dudes…I always leave each conversation with a smile on my face.  Tormund and Foreclosure are both all-business workhorses.  Tormund has enough beard to make some sweet red toupees for Team Blue Man Group.  I think Geppetto wanted to stop at one point (hell, we all did at some point) but he persevered and is getting back into the F3 groove.  I don’t know how TML did that workout with a 53-pound KB.  (Okay, I know. #firewood)

Metro Is Still the King.  #JustSaying

Shameless Plug.  F3 Chimbote Mission Trip is coming in 2019 (check website and Twitter for dets) for 2 separate weeks.  TML calls it a “game changer” and he should know as he’s been there 3 times already.  #HIM

Thanks, Narc, for the call to lead.  Sorry you couldn’t make it out for the “festivities.”


“Success is the ability to move from one failure to another without loss of enthusiasm.” —Winston Churchill

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  • September 23, 2018 at 2:10 pm

    The goblet/thruster combo was pretty hellish. Another solid q!

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