Pull it together

Five true men pulled themselves together for some pain after the hurricane. Beautiful morning. Birds chirping. Good job to the Midwood 6@6 crew including Missing De for getting it done early.


The Thang:

To the basketball court for SSH, IW, windmills, merkins

Mosey through the neighborhood with mary along the way.

To the Q’s favorite hill on Nassau. Run the hill with merkins at the crest and the valleys. Repeat with lunges.

Back through the neighborhoon to the north entrance of Midwood Park on Mecklenburg. 11’s of dips/derkins.

Back home for COT. Total ~2.4 miles.



FNG Sheldon from Lexington today who more than kept up. Nice work.

Stay tuned for Midwood AO “Homecoming” F2 event in October. Villa is involved in planning.

Thanks to all who have signed up to Q in the next few weeks. If I can do it, anyone can.

Day-Z has the Q at Midwood next week. I recommend posting as he’s a pro Q.

Mighty Wind, thanks for the takeout.

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