Q d etat

Rev was supposed to be the Q today but he was under the weather. So we staged a Q d’état. I took over as the Q. We started off with warmup:


SSH IW Windmill Squat
Merkins Stagger arm Merkin Stagger arm Merkin Shoulder slap Merkins
LBCs Flutter Heels to Heaven Bicycle


Next, we partnered up and went to the top of the parking deck. Partner 1 did 5 burpees while partner 2 did a farmer carry with the 2 kettle bells.


At the top, we did 20 swings, 20 Presses, 20 Triceps, 20 Upright rows, 20 ‘reverse’ merkins, 20 pullovers, 20 Lawnmovers

Then, we ran to the bottom of the parking deck and back via the stairwells.

At the top, we did people’s chair Lalannes and Mike Tysons. It was at this point, Hoedown attempted to stake his claim to a particular place on the wall. Note to the Q: It is important that consideration be given to a New Yorker’s personal obsessions.


Repeat with 15 KB exercises, run to the bottom and alternating backwards run, forwards runs to the top.

At the top, Dredd swims and people’s chair air presses.


Repeat with 10 KB, down one level with crab walks, bear crawls and mosey to the top, People’s chair/Air presses and derkins.


Return to the field the way we got here (Farmer’s carry and 5 burpees).


At the field, we finished up the way we started with warmups with Hoedown and




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