What A Week!!!


Sitting here on late Sunday night thinking about the incredible week we just experienced in Metro.

All began last Monday in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence as we here in Metro returned to our normal routines.  Immediately, Pax began looking for ways to help those on the coast impacted by the Hurricane. While we were fortunate to avoid the worst of Florence, our focus was on what we could do to help others.

Next, we celebrated Horse’s 80th birthday at Achilles Last Stand on Tuesday with an amazing turnout of 109 Pax! Most impressive part was Horse leading a legit COP and Mary – there were no gimmes.  108 Pax left the workout hoping they can be doing the same things when they are 80.

Wednesday night, nearly 100 Pax attended an inspiring dinner discussion about Sacrifice featuring Navy Seal Chad Williams (now known as ‘Ranger’) and Dredd.  The dinner was followed by another huge convergence Thursday morning of 105 Pax for a SEAL/Ranger beat down.

This past week proves the need for F3 in our community whether it is to help our neighbors in a time of need, celebrate one of our own for an amazing accomplishment or simply to stoke the fires of leadership among us.

Weeks like this one remind us of the magic F3 has to offer for those who dare to embrace it.  If F3 didn’t exist, most of us would find a way to contribute to a Hurricane relief program, while Hayward Morgan would have celebrated his 80th birthday with only his family and a handful of us would have still heard Chad Williams speak at Christ Church.  But because of F3, hundreds of men in the Charlotte area are doing these things together and building upon each event to have a positive impact on the community.

Brothers, let us never forget the opportunity we have been provided with F3.  Through F3, each of us has an opportunity to better ourselves but more importantly better each other.  Let us take this force out into world and share with all of those around us.  Be the positive light to help others see the good in their lives.

Thanks to everyone for your efforts and contributions to make us the best we can be!



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