50 Shades pulled in a substiQ and it went something like this –

Circle Up, 25 SSH, 25 IW, 20 mountain climbers, 25 LBCs, 25 Copperhead squats, and a bunch of other stuff.

Run to the medical center

Circle up with a boulder and pass to the rights after each:

overhead presses, curls, tricep extensions, and a bunch of other stuff.

Partner up, run a hot lap while partner does:

Merkins, Copperhead squats, good-form lunge walks, and a bunch of other stuff.

Run back to the Mint

Good-form lunge walk, bear crawls, crab walks, etc.  Hurt Locker has some serious bear crawl speed, easily capturing both the 14U title and Open Division title for the day.

Run to the wall for wall sits

Run to the other wall for 11s with Derkins and jump ups

Back to the wall for wall sits

Back home

COT, with Stat taking us out.

Copperhead continues to have the best AO in the entire F3 Nation, with the entire Mint property, office parks, greenways, massive hills, school parks, baseball fields (multiple), soccer fields.  And the new 5:45 start time is most righteous, too.

Pax de jour was most excellent –  veterans and FNGs.  Doesn’t get any better than that.

Billingsville tutoring – Kickin Chickin is kickin it.  Just across the street.




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