Two Returns from IR: Booth and Marconi

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Fresh from Green Room with heavy makeup, two legends of possibly questionable ancestry returned to the field of friendly strife: Booth, from a collar bone break, and Marconi, from a back injury nightmare. There was good-natured F2 to bring them back into play.

And, there was complaining. A lot of complaining. Too many miles. 2.9999999 miles is too many? Too many pain stations. Too many repetitions. Too little room on the track. Too few safety cones. Too few smoke breaks for unnecessary 10-counts. Too many exercises of poor choice. Too close to Diamondhead. Is Diamondhead really a workout? Too many merkins. Too much danger of derkins in the grandstand benches. Some new guy called Cougar posted and talked way, way too much. Too, too, too. Forty-five-minute workout was not enough for what needed to be done.

After Action Report

Strong crowd constantly moving, this morning. Lot of camaraderie, beyond IR returns. Coach is building a football dynasty. Federalist (and Powell) said: “What BRR? I don’t remember any BRR.” Respect day at Mustang, next week. Best guess of Crotch Rocket’s quality control score: C-. Chips continues to attract poor talent for the Q-spot; things must get better.

Prayers were requested for the eternal repose of the soul of high school XC runner that died last Saturday.

Agony did well with a BOM prayer to take us into the day, better than when we arrived.


One thought on “Two Returns from IR: Booth and Marconi

  • September 24, 2018 at 9:12 am

    Strong Q Moonshine! You even got Coach to plank – no easy task.

    Welcome back Booth & Marconi. Great way to kick off the week!

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