Beautiful Outside Powerful Inside

Another kickass t3 morning with no birthdays, convergences, or country club money grabs.  Just 13ish animals sucking down 7.4 miles up and over the Sagamore loop 10x.  Shank brought out a potential t3 pledge (Farmer Ted – do you believe Catawba actually named a beer that??  Good one Shank…) who supposedly won the Catawba Brewery Beer Mile so that automatically gives him the nod for a t3 bid.  LBJ completed the entire 60 mins this morning which is AmazeBalls.  Speaking of Ballz…Ballz appeared out of nowhere after playing Hide the Pickle with his running buddies.  I have been meaning to congratulate Fed for his 4man team…finishing 3 hours behind the OG 4Play.  3 hours isn’t all that bad.  I’m sure Dumbway bought ya’ll participation medals.   Coach back out proving why he is the best D-Back high school coach in the country.  Nobody ever get’s behind him because he is dead last.

That’s all I got.  Been Q’ing my ass off lately trying to get t3 off the ground and running.  Be on the lookout for business cards and strip poker cards that simply read “Beautiful Outside Powerful Inside”.

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