Upgrade @ ALS

Rev was supposed to Q today but called in sick.  Foo has been asking me for some time when I am going to Q ALS. So when he needed a reliever and called me, I knew that this was my chance.  I am sure the Pax wanted to push an old pickup truck around the parking lot, do hairburners with  kitchen trays, or pull kayaks across the field, so they were sorely disappointed at a straight forward, easy to understand, old-fashioned beat down.


Here’s the thang:

Standard opening:  SSH / IM / ST

Merkins (Regular, Diamond, Stagger Left, Stagger right) alternating with stretches (left foot, left hand, right foot, right hand, repeat left with twist, repeat right with twist)

5 burpees OYO

Alternating Partner Ladder.  P1 does 1 exercise rep while P 2 rests, then switch; up to 10 and back down for Squats and Knee Up.  YHQ was feeling merciful so the top of the ladder for Merkins was 8.   Grapevine and Ice 9 lead the way and finished early on each set.  To ensure Pax unity I instructed all who finished early to do burpees.  Ice 9 and Grapevine did this on every set, everyone else learned their lesson and slowed down (probably to focus on their form!).

Mosey to back Hill.  P1 called exercise (Mountain climbers, Peter Parkers,  Parker Peters) while  P2 run to top & back

Mosey to Covered Wall for People’s Chair with 20 Air press and Mike Tysons.  Both OYO.

Mosey to Temple.  YHC was not used to being up front on the mosey and got us a little lost.  Ice 9 passed YHQ in the right direction so I and the Pax followed him.

P1 did inclines while P2 ran to steps & back. Flap jack.

Mosey back to Parking Lot for Mary.  YHQ’s philosophy on Mary is that the exercises should actually help you build ab / core strength. Therefore, no LBC’s, Freddy Mercury’s or oblique crunches to name a few.  And, the Pax should hate the exercises.  From the moaning and groaning I heard, I’d say mission accomplished.

  • Plank circle with group counting around to 60
  • Knee Ups @ 20 OYO
  • Planks circle with toe taps and group counting opposite direction
  • Plank circle with group counting – top taps optional
  • Knee Ups with twist @ 20
  • 10 Merkins OYO
  • Brazilian Mind Bender for 1 minute and no talking

Not sure what surprised me more: the Pax’s  ability to count (which was impressive) or their ability to be quiet for an entire minute.

Phoenix stopped with the mumble chatter and took us out quite nicely.


  • Indy is collecting books for Billingsly. His goal is 2,500 and he is about half way there thanks for Valdez contribution of an entire trunk of vintage books.
  • Foo’s band  The Holdouts is playing a benefit for hurricane relief at Mac’s on Wednesday night.
  • Core & Metro are collecting 650 turkeys for Thanksgiving. They are taking cash or turkeys.  See Valdez or Carrier (There are otherss I just can’t remember who) on the team. All of whom will do burpees for every turkey they collect.


Always an honor to lead this fine group of men.  Looking forward to Qing this great AO again.  Thanks for asking Foo!

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  • September 25, 2018 at 9:34 pm

    First, I had already arranged for you to Q clear and above board. B, I was out of town, not sick, and third, why are you so mean to me?

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