Best Wishes for Norwood

11 Splinters ventured out for a little running in the rain on a nice morning to be out. Actually, we did a little more rolling around on the ground and a little less running (only about 2 miles) in order to guarantee we absorbed some water. We covered the Radcliff, Queens Road East, Selwyn, Bucknell, Hastings Drive, Wellesley loop with 6 different COPs with 6 different exercises at each COP. Everything went fine except at one point Skoal Bandit and Torpedo apparently became so disgusted with the Q that they ran ahead and left us. That actually was OK with the Pax because after seeing Torpedo’s fashion statement, no one wanted to be seen with him anyway.

On both a very good and a very scary note, Sparty reported back that he had been in contact with one of our regular’s, Norwood. Norwood had not felt well at last Wednesday’s workout and had cut it short to be safe. It turns out that this was extremely smart because yesterday Norwood had 4 stints put in. Norwood, Norwood’s family and all of us are very lucky that this was caught in time and a catastrophe was avoided. It is also worth noting that Norwood’s doctor told him that as soon as he mends he should get back out to F3. That is quite a testimonial to the positive benefits of F3. In other words, running around and doing ab work in the middle of a wet street is not quite as crazy as it looks.

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