By a Thread

7 drove through the rain and failed to make the turn to Dredd’s Promo Q to get to today’s Ranger


Head over to the Not The Castle CPCC deck, up the stairs, bear crawl across the top, down the stairs.

Head up 4th then over to 3rd to the mini deck off Caswell. 7s of pull ups and burpees.

Head to the Sweat Lodge Deck. Partner up. 2 times up the stairs and down. 10 hand slap merkins at the top and bottom. Don’t forget to get lost on the wrong floor at least once. Regroup.

One more time up the stairs and down with hand slap merkins up top and down.

Head back to the Not the Castle deck. Up the stairs, bear crawl, down the stairs.

Up Elizabeth, stopping for 10 diamonds at each crosswalk and side street.




Thanks to Pusher for the takeout.


It was good to see Bunny and Pusher at Ranger today. Haven’t seen Bunny’s truck in the lot for awhile. He took the stairs with ease as per usual. Pusher opted out of his usual Bandit visit to partner with Bunny on the stairs. Lee did Lee things. Tormund told me that Fall is coming.

I pulled into an empty lot at 5:25 and thought I had finally killed Ranger. Not yet, a few cars started to trickle in and Ranger is still hanging on by a thread, barely. Figured it would pick back up after BRR, but nope. Bunny reminisced about the 20+ PAX days of Ranger. I asked Slaughter, the smart fella that he is, for suggestions. What do you guys want? Mothership Mondays on Wednesdays? Young Guns? Taking suggestions. Also taking applications for a new Ranger site Q (no application necessary).

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