The Thang:  4.4 miles total.


Oh yes, the details.  Up Providence, stopping at the Gold Man intersection trolley stop for Decline Shoulder Tap Merkins with Plank (aka the DSTM-P).  Continue down Hopedale, down Queens RW to Sherwood.  Russian Twists, b/c yes, the Russians are recording everything we do and it’s best to take them head-on.


first hill – up QRW to Hopedale, 20 shoulder tap merkins, plank.  Back down to the start.  More oblique work.

second hill – up QRW, to Granville to Queens Rd, 20 shoulder tap merkins, plank.  Back down to start.  Flutters.

third hill – up QRW, to Granville, rt on Queens Rd to Gold Man trolley stop.  20 shoulder tap merkins, plank.  Back down Hopedale.

Fourth hill – up Hopedale to Gold Man trolley stop.  DSTM-P for your bros.  All you got to Church lot.



Another humid day, lent itself to enhancing the hill work experience…  One way to quiet the pax is with very difficult hill repeats or confusing, tedious acronymns.  Maybe even both are warranted.?

Upcoming Charlotte Marathon opportunities to push, be on the lookout.

A special prayer to Magellan and his family.  Please keep them in mind now and in the coming weeks.

Closing:  Thank you Blackjack for the take-out and Rock for the opportunity to Q.  Always a privilege!

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