Welcome to the Charge

A wet Q=no need to shower.  The Charge, at Providence Day School, is like playing in Santa’s workshop.  There are monkey bars, stairs, stadium steps, a track, a football field, lots of walls, picnic tables, parking lots, and SO much more!

The Thang:

Start the AWESOME Playlist for the beatdown

Mosey to the field, karaoke to the 50, backwards run to end zone.  Mosey to the other side.  Karaoke to the 50, backwards run to the end zone.  Mosey to the middle of the field.

WARM-UP:  SSH, IW, AV/ST, Merkins, CHS

10 rounds of three exercises, performed for 20 seconds each. Superman Seal claps, Bear Squats, LBC’s

Mosey to stadium.  Figure 8’s with 20 merkins at each end.


Peoples chair, Shoulder presses in cadence 20 count. Balls to the wall, 20 shoulder taps OYO. Peoples chair, Lalane’s, In cadence 20 count.  OTHERWISE KNOW AS FOR EVER.  Balls up, Australian Mt Climbers.  Rinse and repeat.

AYG back to parking lot for Mary.  1 minute each of Russian twists and plank.

Announcements:  Turkey Lurky. Tutoring at Billingsville.

Willy prayed us out.

Thanks guys.  I enjoyed it!


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