F3=Getting work done…Thanksgiving Turkey Drive Convergence details: 650 turkeys by 11/10 7am

“From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.” (Part of Luke 12:48)

With the holidays around the corner, and F3 stellar’s reputation for getting things done, the Charlotte Rescue Mission has set a lofty goal for our group.  This year they are asking the Pax to rustle up 650 turkeys, so they can provide hot meals for families with children at Title I schools in Charlotte.  We know its a lot, but with everyone pitching in, it should be task that we all can accomplish.  To make things easier for PAX members there are several ways to help the Rebound community… and the easiest is to post.
From the October 20th until November 10th simply show up to a MIP workout, 9am at the Charlotte Rescue Mission. They will have a clipboard to count the birds, and both a kitchen freezer and freezer truck to store them.  We’re planning on a special line-up of Q’s for the 9-9:45 workout on these days.

9am too late….  Plan for the 11th is simple… post at the Charlotte Rescue Mission ,7am.  Park on W. 1st Street, or at the parking lot in front of Station at Cedar Yard (across from Draught).  We’ll have 3 Q’s for the PAX lined up, and 2 for the Core group.  Come, drop off your turkey, stay for a west-side workout, then enjoy coffeeteria afterwards.  Coffeeteria will go 8-9, outside the Rescue Mission, where Vega and Zookeeper will lead the double-down (aka the official MIP workout).  Stay to motivate the men at Rebound, and join for arguably the best COT in all of F3.

While we’re asking for a more physical presence this year…we understand if you can’t.  Reach out to myself, Beaver, Carrier, Deertick, Pigskin for more information.  You can also send a payment via Venmo, Zelle, or paypal to burpeesforturkeys@gmail.com
Now if only someone could convince Carrier to do his “Burpee for Turkey” thing.
Looking forward to seeing you at MIP, especially since I haven’t been out in the gloom.  Thanks for spreading the message.



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