Tesla crosses the river

So it was time for Tesla to invade from the west and show the city boys how we do it in DC – Da Country! Went like this:

Warm up with SSH, IWs, Peter Parkers, Foot to hand stretches both sides.

Ladder time!

Burpees X 5

Power to the people X 10 (5 each side)

KB swings x 15

Tricep extensions X 20

Curls X 25

Build on each repeat, run to mid field and do 5 jump squats, goal line, 10 jump squats. Do this 5X.

Move over to the court for team work.

3 rounds

50 Greg Louganis

2nd round

100 snatches

3rd round

150 WW II sit ups.

P1 starts, P2 runs to the other courtside and does step ups 10 each leg and returns to take over.

Thought about a few minutes of Mary but Canoli mentioned the 150 WW IIs counted for Mary so Tesla obliged by a 2X round of that Gaston fave, The Bear Crawl Slalom! Managed to finish the workout on this fine, high note!


Great to lead this crowd. Missed Nins and Skoal today. Let’s keep an eye on the Bandit as he deals with retina surgery. Down for four weeks! Let’s let him know we are thinking of him.




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