The Polar Star

What did you expect from a nice cool October Monday morning but 25 yahoos out to run amok on the streets of Dilworth? Out of the countless times I’ve Q’d at Freedom Park, I’ve taken it as a personal challenge NOT to run into the park. For a while. So we didn’t. Again.

What did we do….?

Step 1 = Run AWAY form the park on Lombardy Circle, across the field, and enter Katie’s Back Door.

Step 2 = COP. Windmills, 2 burpees, squats, 4 burpees, something else, 6 burpees, so for the and so on to 10.

Step 3 = Enter the Atrium Health “busy as hell” parking deck. Ascend. Do x-fit merkins. Meet at the top for 88 LBCs. Back down with SJSs. Plank to wait.

Step 4 = Step 4 Jacons ladder on some hill. Less traffic.

Step 5 = Run home via the Greenway.

Step 6 = Enter park. More burpees.

Step 6 = Partner Carry home.

Step 7 = More bupees.

Step 8 = COT.

Forgot to mention Step 5.5 = Mercilessly mock the Twin Cities RE: UNC Football. 1-4 = stellar. Where’s Hit (and all of the rest of the Tarholes for that matter) when you need them?

What’s my favorite thing in all of F3? Katie’s back door. Love watching grown mens’ minds being blown when we run down a dark street for a short distance (wait, where are we going? This street just circles booringly back to East Blvd), run across an empty lot/field with strong gloom tendencies (who’s yard is this? Why is it empty, it must be worth a fortune), to a normal looking fence with a magical door that has no earthy business being in that fence (it’s a house door, on a fence. What the…?), emerge to the back of a rather non-descript building (NOW I know where we are, wait. No I don’t), and BOOM, there’s the hospital (kablamo. mind blown. how did he do that?).

Why do we run in that deck? A deck full of confused people just trying to visit someone in the hospital. Not quite awake yet searching for a parking place wondering why in God’s name is there a group of men sprinting up (and then down) a place built for cars. As evidence by all the CARS?! Well, I don’t know. It’s a really long deck, which I like; over a half mile running up just one way. And I’ve just sort of always done that. It is rather peaceful at the top. Just not the rest of it.

Why do I Q BHM? Well, another good question. For 6.5 years now I’ve done that. Roots baby, my roots. It’s always been there. I’ve met some damned fine men in that gravel parking lot on Monday mornings at 5:30. I learned how to do F3 from that same lot. It is one of the last workouts still around from when I started. And this workout is STILL attracting new crops of damned fine men that I am always eager to meet. This morning was no exception. You never know who you’ll see there. PC was actually in this country for once, Freeloader’s knee smelled just like bacon after it got good and warmed up. Kit continues to lengthen the pause between his real name and F3 name in COT – I’ve gotten where I just can’t stand the suspense. Ice-9 is injured – so he came to audit what we’re doing, Claven weighs 220 – boy do I wish I knew that before lugging him on my back – also he sweats A LOT, at least I didn’t have to carry Pedicure or Teaser Pony, Sweetbrier is wicked fast – the fastest actually, Valdez is the definition of disarming smile and added a fine prayer reminding us to follow our Polar Star – it leads the way, Snapefade – well…he left early, What Did – still trying to place that accent, Triad and Cole Trickle – thick as thieves; I think they have a money laundering thing going on – they are always whispering, Grave Dancer/Way/Maryland/Tipitina/Tilda/Vamos – the new(er) crop -most important guys at the workout. No FNG’s. That’s the only thing that could have made it better, I had a name picked out and everything (which isn’t the way to do it). Maybe next time -headlock harder America.

The only guy not there (Bedsides MMOB) is our faithful site Q Stogie. He did send me an e-mail afterward thanking me for my F3 service. You’re welcome buddy. Glad to do it.

Announcements: Charlotte Rescue Mission Turkey Drive. 

Also – I am Q’ing Fortitude at the Men’s Shelter tomorrow. If you haven’t been yet, tomorrow’s a great day to check us out. Need a little gratitude in your life? Come sweat beside some of the homeless guests. They will be glad you made it. 5:45 – 6:30 with coffeteria afterwards in the cafeteria. 1210 N. Tryon St.; around back. Shameless plug. Yes I know, that’s what you get to do when you Q. Along with whatever else you feel like.


Until next time.

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One thought on “The Polar Star

  • October 16, 2018 at 1:50 pm

    I’ll never forget my first and only time going through Katie’s Back Door. As great as your description is, you UNDERSOLD the experience. It’s akin to time travel, or what I assume time travel will be like once I get this flux capacitor built. I believe we covered it in the other direction, from the Shark Tank AO. I assume we can call that the “Reverse Katie’s Back Door”.

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