8@8 preblast: max greenway usage

People seemed to like this the first time, so we’ll try it again …


Your route:

  • Out of the lot, head toward the Sweet 6 AO, up Providence Rd
  • Left on Wendover
  • Left on Sedgewood Circle
  • (Take your second) right to stay on Sedgewood Circle (which will go in a large circle.
  • Sharp right, down Meadowbrook Rd., and past the giant chair
  • Left onto the new section of the greenway (note: you might have to duck under the gate as it’s usually closed)
  • Stay on the greenway until you get to the end (Mint Museum parking lot) and jump onto Randolph Rd. toward uptown
  • Take it all the way until it hits the other greenway (right at Kings/Captain Jack statue)
  • Left onto the greenway … stay on the greenway until you get to Freedom Park/East Blvd.
  • Head up Sherwood Ave
  • Left on Queens back to the lot.



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