Old Rock for the Old Rockers

Twenty of F3s finest met this morning for Attila.  It was a clear, cool, dark but beautiful Charlotte morning.  We felt good and strong.  So, with 190’s Allman brothers playing in the background, here is what some of us Old Rockers did.



SSH + Knee Ups, Slow good-form burpees, Russian Twists, Hip Slaps, Dollies, Cross Fit Merkins, Stump Jumpers, Heel Tap Jump Squats, 4 Ct Diag LBCs, 40 shades Merkin.
STEP Derkins, Stepups, Dips >> 2X
KIOSK Run Kiosk to Fountain loop >> 2X
GRASS Plank Circle (Reg/Armup/Armup/ Elbows/Reg/Legup/Legup)


Partner Derkin + Plank-Situp + Handslap Merkin + Wheelbarrow

in a LINE

Bearway to Heaven (8 Burpees >> Bear Crawls >> 7 Burpees)
END Cross Fit Merkins to Failure

I tell you it was great to be together.  We did some hard stuff, some less hard stuff, and maybe one or two not so hard things (how can Hip Slaps be so bad?).  We had the usual complaints about running too much, though I’ll bet the total distance covered was less than ½ mile.  Of course, Partner Wheelbarrows, and Bearway to Heaven weren’t too popular either.  But I know everyone loved doing Cross Fit Merkins to Failure.

It’s always a fine thing to be together.  We drag ourselves out of bed and step out into the chill air to do this, and it’s often mostly hardship and pain.  So the fact that we all still do it — and with gusto– is a really big deal. It’s proof that it’s all worth it, and that the personal, spiritual payoff is huge.

It is always a pleasure for me to be with you fellows and to lead you in all this fun, foolishness and fellowship.


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