Wax On, Wax Off

13 aspiring martial artists swung bells instead of swords Thursday morning at Whittington Field.


SSH x 15

Imperial Walker x 15

Mountain Climber x 15

Copperhead Squat x 15

Freddie Mercury x 15

LBC x 15


Kettle Bell Warm-up:

Wood Chopper x 10 Right

Wood Chopper x 10 Left

Figure Eight x 10

Push Press x 10 Right

Push Press x 10 Left

Side Lunge x 10 Right

Side Lunge x 10 Left


Main Event: 20 x 11’s:

20 KB Swings, 10 Miyagi Merkins, 1 Sit-up

20 Hammer Curls, 9 Miyagi Merkins, 2 Sit-ups

20 Upright Rows, 8 Miyagi Merkins, 3 Sit-ups

20 Tricep Extensions, 7 Miyagi Merkins, 4 Sit ups

20 Lawnmowers (10/10), 6 Miyagi Merkins, 5 Sit-ups

20 Chest Presses, 5 Miyagi Merkins, 6 Sit-ups

20 Renegade Rows (10/10) 4 Miyagi Merkins, 7 Sit-ups

20 Russian Twists, 3 Miyagi Merkins, 8 Sit-ups

20 Goblet Squats, 2 Miyagi Merkins, 9 Sit-ups

20 Snatches (10/10), 1 Miyagi Merkin, 10 Sit-ups


Partner Up by the Curb:

100 combined KB Swings while partner runs to rails for 10 Outboards


100 combined Lawnmowers while partner runs to picnic tables for 5 Step-ups each leg

100 combined Upright Rows while partner runs to rails for 10 Inboards

10 more Miyagi Merkins



Travolta Right x 10

Travolta Left x 10

Carolina Dry Dock x 10

Plank Jack x 10

Heels to Heaven x 10



The 20 x 11 idea was recycled from my first Diamondhead Q last year.  It was Nibbler approved then so I knew it was safe to bust back out.  We got off to a fun start today with Nibbler lobbying for LaLanne to be the “creamy middle” in a Ruck Sandwich.  Then Wahoo dropped his bell during a track by Broken Bells (good luck??)  Rev was great at the Miyagis but it took him a while to realize we were doing Merkins with each one.  We thought we saw Skoal running down Princeton but it was just some other fast guy in bright green neon.  I’m glad Charcoal was there since he’s down to just 2 workouts a day now.  John Boy was a quiet beast.  Meatball has been looking forward to my Q since Saturday.  Van Winkle runs me hard on Sundays so I need a 0.00 on Thursdays.  Hoedown partnered me up, then showed me up by doing 1 more upright row than me.  Valdez should change his name to Val-Diesel.  Ruckers Pigksin, GV, and LaLanne got in on some Mary with GV taking a shot at one of my jams.  Dude, I was there for that Christmas playlist.  Thanks guys, SYITG.



Skoal Bandit is still recovering from eye surgery.  Please check Rev’s tweet for the meal train link.

Billingsville Tuesday @ 4:30 pm.

Turkey Drive – see Marv’s post for convergence details.


Rev with a takeout like only Rev can do…


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