He’s a Real Sidler

Strange weather this morning compared to the past couple of weeks.  It was almost hot, and the humidity was certainly up.  Another good showing at Sparta.

We did this

  • Quick mosey down the hill out of the lot, and head straight down Park Road.  Left on Lilac and mosey to the top of Mega Tool for 3 rounds of the following.
    • Down Mega Tool with 10 shoulder tap merkins at the speed hump and at the bottom.
    • Into the playground next to the ball field for 10 pull up and 20 dips.
    • Back up Mega Tool with 5 burpees at the speed hump and 5 burpees at the top.
  • Loonngg Mary waiting for the 6.
  • Back down Lilac toward Park Road and hang a right on Idlewood.  Head to the bottom of the Idlewood/Salem loop for some partner work.
  • At the bottom, 20 partner sit ups each.  Partners run in opposite directions around the loop.  At the top 10 partner derkins each, then complete the loop.  2 rounds and mary at the top waiting for the 6.
  • Mosey down Salem Drive and back to Park Road.  Mosey back to the Sedgefield lot and plank at the bottom waiting for the 6.
  • 2 rounds of the following.
    • 10 diamonds at the bottom, then AYG to the school for 10 hip slappers.
  • COT

Randoms Things

Very pleasant start to the morning.  Everyone shootin’ the breeze until 5:30 waiting on the last couple to show up at the gun.  Nabisco and I reminiscing about the splendor of the Pumpkin Wall from Ranger on Wednesday.  So festive it makes me want to vote!!  At 5:29, Lee rolls in hot in his new wheels. (#ItalianJob)  Take off at 5:30, and down the hill out of the lot.  As we started down the hill, there he was; Cindy.  Not sure where he came from.  He just sidled up.  Looking none too enthused to be walking up the hill.  He reluctantly joined the group.  5Pants was eager out of the gate this morning, similar to some of his bursts of speed yesterday at Shark Tank.  The guy has a long stride and he can cover some ground quickly.  As Lee noted, he’s heavy footed.  With he and Doobie present at the same workout, we are certain to hear some complaints about noise in the neighborhood on Next Door. (#clydesdales)

Fast group out front this morning on the Mega Tool circuits.  The groans of approval were lovely when the PAX heard the instructions for 3 rounds.  Nabisco, Cindy, Lee, and TML were crushing it.  Good sized group this morning, so things got a little spread out on Mega Tool.  This required some extended mary for a portion of the group.  Cindy, showing the patience of Job, decided he had waited long enough.  Took off down Mega Tool and never returned.  Sidled in and sidled out.

The Idlewood Circle/Salem Drive loops are always a good time.  Certainly no lack of hills this morning.  Thought the hip slappers at the school would be a nice way to finish.  Fortunately, no broken windows, only crushed souls.  Speaking of sidling, I think I overheard Doobie accuse someone of sidling up behind him at the bottom of the school hill as he was trying to do his first set of diamonds.  We also ran into Caesar (Sparta FNG) with about 5 minutes left.  He apparently parked on the other side of the school and didn’t see us before we left the lot.  He supposedly did his own circuit work until he saw us heading back toward the school.  We should have given him a harder time, but he’s not the first person to park on the wrong side of the school.  Does the pin on the website link need to be moved or something?  Probably need to have Sparta management look into it.  Teaser Pony complained that someone smelled bad during the ball of man, although it was likely more than one of us.

TML reminded the group to keep the Chimbote, Peru trips in mind, as they have 2 groups going back in early 2019 to continue the good work down there.  Thanks to Redd Foxx for the take out, which included keeping Gepetto’s brother, Sean and Marilyn’s mother in our prayers.  They are both facing some difficult health situations.

Hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.  (#smoked)

Always an honor.



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