Trying to be Accommodating to Senor Chips

I try to be accommodating. Really, I do. I had a plan today for the beatdown that was going to be a ….well, it was going to be a beatdown. I knew only the toughest of the tough would show up, and we ought to be able to do hard tough stuff. So, I loaded the truck up with all the iron plates I had plus chain and rope. The plan was to do grinders pulling the plates. Yes we would be in the cold rain, but what the hell we could handle it.

And then Senor Chips shows up. He’s dressed like a cross between Paddington the Bear and the Gorton’s fish sticks guy. Bright yellow rain suit. So, I figure we’re ok for the rain, right? Wrongo sporto. Chips starts yelling about how he chafes a lot working out in his PVC tuxedo, and says he was only wearing it to get to a dry spot. He steps under the overhang, and pulls off the raingear and I’ll be damned if he’s wearing nothing but a banana hammock. Leopard print. Then he produces a tube of A&D ointment and proceeds to rub it all over himself. Says he can’t get ashy or his woman won’t touch him. Smelled like a new born babies tushee, and he was just glistening to boot.

Anyway…. There goes my plan to work out doing grinders. So, we did Tabata since that was all we could do. We did the standard first, of course, because even when you’ve got little more than a couple of microns of spandex standing between you and Senor Chips piston, you still gotta have standards.

we did figure 8’s, hammer curls seated, reverse lawnmowers, goblet squats, Bulgarian split squats, chest presses, LBC’s, tea pots, and wood choppers. Pretty much smoked our arms.


Had a great time. I still got the plates and ropes in the truck so we can do that some other time.   Hopefully it won’t rain so we can get ol’ chipsy in a better mood.


And, better outfitted.


My Sharona and LeLane rucked in this snot woggle suck.  that’s just plain old bad ass.

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