Fortitude – Front Porch Tabata

We welcomed 4 FNGs this week: RAM, Gronk, Pogo aka FruitLoops, and Dynamite. Ratatouille back at it and looking strong.

Get it on:

We kept it on the front dock the whole time (1) as a marketing ploy to generate more interest among the shelter guests who weren’t working out with us, and (2) nothing wrong with staying dry every once in a while.

Tabata time – squats, lunges, LBCs, hammers/russian twists, some other stuff, and finish with…Rocky No Ropes. New brainchild of YHC’s sleepless early a.m. hours. Do your best Rocky jump-roping impression, sans the rope, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, 8 times. We had people jumping on both feet, skipping on one foot, doing the cross-the-arms thing, double swing for one huge jump, and all the variations you can think of.

And then it degraded into the “pogo stick.” Pretend you’re on a pogo stick and jump as high as you can with feet together and arms on the imaginary handles, over and over. It’s a pretty good workout really.

 This is YHC doing the pogo stick with Biff and FTL sticking with the Rocky No Rope.

We played alphabet games, jumped around like fools, and laughed a whole lot. A success in my book. Aye.

Thanks to Pipeline for taking us out. And for demonstrating monkey humpers, which Country captured on video and posted to the Men’s Shelter Twitter account for the world to enjoy. 

Announcements: contact Pipeline to spend the lunch hour a day serving the men at the Uptown Shelter and getting a tour of the new digs – Serve and Learn is what it’s called. Or Lunch and Learn. Disney did it last week, so ask him about it. He got to wear a hair net.

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