Giving Thanks at Mustang

15 from very young to very young at heart made it a Mustang morning.

Here’s what we did:

Down to Colony headed towards Selwyn and stop at the first speed bump

  • Up the hill towards Selwyn stopping at the next 3 speed bumps for 10 burpees each

Down to the bottom of the Arcadia hill

  • 5 stagger lefts at the top, 5 stagger rights at the bottom. Repeat 5 times.
  • backwards run to the top

back down Colony stopping at the 3 speed bumps for 10 burpees each

Continue to the archway bricks for some plankerama.

  • 8’s in cadence: Xfits and parker peters

line up at the bottom of the Colony hill on the back side of Spacklers:

  • 6 stops with 6 diamonds each – top of Spacklers, MP entrance, back up Spacklers, to the backside bottom, back up, MP entrance

Continue down Colony to the Selwyn entrance and over to Folsom:

  • grab some wall on either side
  • 11’s with jump-ups on 1 side and declines on the other
  • a variety of flutter kicking while we recover

over to the track.  AYG 400.

Back down to Folsom for 11’s in cadence: squat thrusts (aka Metro burpees) and RT’s

Back out to the track. AYG 800.

Out to Colony.  1 last AYG home.



  • Pretty good age spread from Boy Scout at 59 and Proehl at 18.  Both studs in their own right.  Proehl had to go to MP football practice after this workout.  When we passed by Coach coming home I thought he might get an earful, but how can you not be excited about an 18-year old kid getting in some extra work early Sat morning?  This just wasn’t my high school experience.
  • Gisele, Shank, Chalet, and Pusher were up front all morning. Pusher joined us in the middle of a long run preparing for an upcoming marathon. Gisele caught me trying to sneak up on him late in the 800 we ran and proceeded to drop the hammer on me, which was rude.
  • 4.6 miles.  lost of merkins.  heart rate stayed pretty high.  all in all a pretty good morning.
  • Thanks to Holtz for the keys.

Really appreciate A&H sharing about his cousin who tragically, inexplicably, ended his own life earlier in the week, leaving behind his wife and kids.  A reminder of why a bunch of middle age guys from all walks of life continue to get up at a silly hour of the morning and lean on one another.  We have an awful lot to be thankful for.

There’s still time to buy turkeys for CRM.  Thanksgiving convergence 8am at AG.


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