Turkey Shack

Back to back Q’s in C-Rock! YHC is living the dream!

The Thang

Wheels up at 5:45 AM and head to YHC’s favorite spot at the AO – the smooth side parking lot
COP:  SSH/ IW/ Mtn Climbers/ Copperhead® Squats/ Flutter

Head up Montclair
Stop twice: 1. Peter Parkers 2. Parker Peters
Down Chandler to round-about

3-Man Grinders
At this point, YHC gives clear, straight-forward instructions:

  • Get in groups of 3
  • P1 stays @ round-about: Merkins/ Squats/ LBCs x 8 each AMRAP
  • P2 starts @ Rutledge/ Montclair corner: Plank Jacks/ Jumping Lunges/ Heels to Heaven x 8 each AMRAP
  • P3 runs from round-about up Chandler to Montclair to Rutledge
  • When P3 reaches P2, P2 continues running clockwise Rutledge to Chandler back to round-about
  • When P2 reaches P1, P1 follows path of P3

While giving these instructions, YHC knew there was only a 20 second window before the Pax attention would wander.  Get the feeling what YHC intended to say was not what the Pax heard.  Oh well, it only took about 2, maybe 3, rounds before everyone got on the same page.

After several rounds, we finally headed back to the Stop sign at Robin

Montclair Suicides
Merkins x 5 at Stop sign – run to 1st street light
Repeat but run to 2nd street light
Again – finishing at the top

Mary: Rosalita/ Dolly


CRM Turkey Drive: we are less than 100 away from our goal of 650 turkeys burpees4turkeys@gmail.com

Thanksgiving Convergence next Thursday, 7-8AM at AGMS: http://f3metro.com/2018/11/03/2018-metro-turkey-day-convergence/

Metro Holiday Party: Dec 1st @ Smokey Joes (see website for full details) paypal.me/F3Wuerffel

Awesome group today – just not good listeners.  Or maybe they aren’t good mind readers?

Good mix of Hates/ Ayes/ Respects.  All 3 F’s well-represented!  It’s what makes Fortress the go-to 5:45 AM workout in C-Rock on Fridays.

During the grinders, while at the top of Rutledge, Frankie Five let YHC know he was better suited for the exercises being done at the round-about.  So true…

Didn’t recognize Tammy Faye because he was clean-shaven.  Wouldn’t it make more sense to have a beard in the winter?

Bel Air showed up early and ran around on his own before we started this cold morning.  Wasn’t that long ago Bel Air and his wife were running across the Jordan dessert.  (Insert change of seasons comment)

Surprise visit from GAAP who usually doesn’t get out during the week now that he’s chauffeuring his daughter to MPHS.  Turns out GAAP has never been to Smokey Joe’s (location for this year’s Holiday Party) and Coach offered some helpful advice for when GAAP finally goes: “don’t wear your d!ck light.”  Ironic that there is a point when the safety light puts you in danger.

Not sure where #17 has been but it is good to have him back in the crowd.  At the start of the Grinders, #17 was keeping Half Pipe (‘Mall Walker’ to Coach) company.  Evidently, the two got into a fight about which UConn women’s basketball team was the best.  Next thing we know, #17 is in beast-mode leaving Half Pipe/ Mall Walker on his own.  To be continued…

Speaking of Coach – because how could you not – he delivered the take-out this morning and made sure to include all our distant cousins in the prayer.  Thanks Bro!

Unsung hero of the day was Heartbreak.  As YHC mulled options on best way to end the Grinders without leaving someone behind, unsolicited Heartbreak said, “Hey Sump, you want to start heading back the reverse way to pick up the rest?”  Smart man!

Additional highlights: Pillager and Bubble become Fortress regulars…Magellan in good spirits today.  His wife Amber starts her fourth round of chemo next week.  Keep them in your thoughts and prayers…probably the best image was Chowda running in from the far parking lot carrying the sacred Fortress shovel flag!

YHC copied today’s workout from Ribeye who introduced it when he Q’d a year or so ago.  Remember it running a lot smoother when he did it.  Guess YHC needs some one-on-one training from Ribs.  BTW – we miss you man!  Come back soon!

Appreciate the Pax sticking with YHC today.  Thanks Snowden and Chowda for the keys – you guys are going rock as Site-Q’s!

Pax to-do list:
1. Donate to the turkey drive
2. Post at the Thanksgiving Convergence
3. Buy your tix to the Holiday Party


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