Build up those knee muscles – your SO will thank me

11 strong&fast gathered in the gloom at 545AM to strengthen minds, bodies, and spirits.  Here’s what they did:

COP on the porch and wait for some last minute arrivals


Monkey Humpers


Rinse & Repeat

Gather the PAX

Run to the Auto Bell Speedway

Partner 1 does lunges Partner 2 runs the Speedway  catching up with Partner 1, flapjack

Gather the PAX for a round of ‘O God Why Me’

30 Monkey Humpers

Move to the grass for it’s easier on the knees

Down the ladder of ‘O God Why Me’

A few minutes of Mary INCLUDING the PROTRACTOR

Run to the bridge for some wall sits…PAX counts to 100 (courtesy of Uncle…trademark pending)

To the U Haul Steps for Dips & Dercans to finish things up


Strip it to give it

January 5th at 11AM 8K, 5K, and 1 mile options. Runners remove an article of clothes every mile and clothes are collected and donated to the homeless.  Link above.

Thanks to PipeLine for the opportunity to lead a fantastic workout, perhaps even best on N Tryon St.

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