“I Didn’t Know They Had Chicken…”

Sometimes you only hear part of a conversation. A sentence. Part of a sentence. Or, just a word. And sometimes the quote is out of context, like misplaced leadership quotes while losing 100-0…at table tennis. And then there’s the vessel of knowledge, quotable of quotables, the author of “Focus on Form!” and other bad workout maxims, the Cougar. Heard somewhere early in workout from the Cougar whilst counseling another, “I didn’t know they had chicken…” Cannot make it up.


2.32-mile romp around Selwyn, AGMS, and MPHS campuses. Merkins were popular. Bear crawl was not popular. Circuit work around MPHS front drive was no joke. F2 conversation includes collegiate championship football game at “Santa Clara 49ers” stadium , Booth’s concert trip to Mexico, other business as usual stuff. Multiple stops for COPs. Pomfret was tricked out in “Pomfret” personalized athletic apparel. Less than six minutes of Mary seemed appropriate. Started one minute late; finished one minute late. COT at an irregular spot.

Nekkid New

Irregular attendees at irregular start time without a designated Q led to irregular, impromptu workout. Gamucci regulars were missed: 6Mike, Ann & Hope, Frankie Five Angels, Critter, Tryon, Rook, others. Lots of conversation about Wichita breaking his leg on Saturday at AG, ambulance, hospital stay, second broken leg…two of two, on and on. Who knew you could break a leg walking in circle doing arm circles? Prayers for Magellan and family as M is hopefully headed toward good report after battling the C-word. Prayers for Cannoli and family having just lost his dad. Fake News could not forecast today’s front page of fake news. Reviewing recent fatalities during F3 workouts, maybe safety is a good idea? Taking care of one another goes a long way. COT prayer by Robo took us into Wednesday better than when we arrived. Until next time, peace be with you, gents.


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