New Year, Renewed Fortitude

14 Pax including 4 returning champs out at Fortitude for a sneakily beautiful morning today. Here’s how it went down.


Warmup on the Shelter porch with SSH, windmills, IW’s, and you cant have a proper Fortitude workout w/o monkey humpers

Mosey to the lawyer’s lot – merkins while we wait for the Pax to Frogger across N. Tryon then circle up for some Oh Hells.

Recover.  Hear some grumbling, so we take a seat in the peoples chair.  Air presses and toe/knee/shoulder/wall slaps.

Mosey to the dead end of Church St.  Old school suicides using light posts as turnaround points up to Liddell St.

Plank excercises while we wait for the Six then a nice long hold in 6 inches 10 counted by Kickin’ Chicken.

Mosey to the dead end of Liddell.  Start with some Mary, then pick up a coupon from the rock pile.

20x curls for the gurls, squats, and skull crushers with your coupon.  Hot lap to the intersection of Liddell and Church, back to dead end.

Repeat x3

Mosey down Liddell, cross N. Tryon, and partner up.  10x partner derkins and 5x bropees.

Mosey to corner of Elm.  Backwards run uphill to Wadsworth.  Homer to Marge for the Six.

Back down to the bottom of Elm.  Run back up to Wadsworth stopping for a squat at each tree on the right.

Mosey back to the Shelter bball court for LBCs and Russian Twist.



Everyone pushed it hard today.  It was awesome to see our Returning Champs out there giving it their all, and 13 yo Qbert was out front a good part of the morning.   Maybe, what are you putting in his Cheerios??  Good work by the youngster.  YHC, Grape Juice, AC, and Pipeline stuck around for coffeteria and heard some harrowing tales of alligator chases from Gumbo.  He’s still with us, so I guess that makes him faster than a gator.

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