Who poisons trees???

7 gathered in the gloom for the latest installment of #copperhead moanday.  Here’s what they did:

Run to the Mint Museum steps circle for COP


Run into Eastover, stopping every few blocks for more COP

Head to the Track

Partner 1 lunge walks, partner 2 takes a lap and catches up

Switch places

Rinse & Repeat until we all do a lap

Circle up for a round of “O God Why Me”

Run back, stopping at intersections for COP

Stop at front of Museum for Derkins, Dips, & step ups

Run home, AYG


Stat & Roofus to take over as Co-Site Q’s in February.  Stay tuned and get excited for what they will bring.


I’m still not really sure why Mr. Updike decided to poison a bunch of trees at U of A.  Hopefully will hear the rest of that story next week.

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