Night Moves

17, count ’em, 17. There just might be something to this workout named after a really stupid moved which is usually held in a crowded parking lot belonging to a private business but now starts in a church pay parking lot but none of the pax pay for the parking; so we are effectively stealing from a church. Seems about right.


  • Meet the FNG. Yes, an FNG at PWW. We are all impressed the Metro website has been up and working for a couple of weeks in a row, what are the chances that someone can slap a warning NOT FOR BEGINNERS up there to prevent this sort of dangerous and ludicrous thing from happening again?
  • Set the tone. 10 burpees.
  • Run down South to 4th to the Versailles deck.
  • Complicated routine coming up. Up the stairs, 10 burpees, across the top and down the stairs, 10 burpees, to the ramps, every floor 5 x-fit merkins, plus 10 burpees at the top, across the deck and down, 10 burpees, back to stairs or another round. OK, I see, it was needlessly complicated. It certainly seemed that way was while I was planning it on the way to the workout, but I thought that was just me. I should listen to myself more.
  • LBCs to wait.
  • Sprint to Target deck.
  • Supine pull-ups and derkins.
  • Run home. I said to go McDowell to South but I was’t in front and someone decided to go whichever way they darn well pleased. My way was .15 miles longer and we wouldn’t have finished 45 seconds early. Darn rebels.

Naked man moleskin

  • PWW isn’t for the novice. Thanks to Stinger for picking up the FNG in the deck and TML for waiting for him on the final leg home. It’s a group effort. PS – He is an IT person, this Crypto.
  • I clocked 4 miles. It seemed a lot further than that. Cindy wanted to be sure I recognized him for being first. At what, I am not entirely sure. I did actually see him do 2 or 3 burpees. Congratulation Cindy.
  • If anyone has some penance work they need done I have just the thing. You know, mold clean-up in your church basement, or daycare for the toddlers during Sunday service. Something ticked LBJ off something royal today. I have never heard such blasphemous filth spew from a God-fearing being in my life (not true). He later claimed it was the burpees or something. Word is that #rifty has called an emergency black-ball session tonight to deal with this spawn of Satan. Luckily LBJ was appointed to say the COT prayer; it turned into an exorcism. First he began to tremble, words soon followed sputtering and spitting incoherently out of his mouth, his head swiveled fully two rotations on its axis, his eyes went completely white to red to burning red. Slowly a prayer began to come to him as he levitated back down to the asphalt. His eyes cleared up and the last of the electric green vomit dripped from his chin. Soon he was speaking faster in that Yankee aggressor bible-belt accent as he prayed for the Lord to forgive him for his recent sins (he was very specific). His hair, straightened to an Edgar Winter do as the evil forces took over his body , began to curl back up to the affluent whiteman perm we all have loved for so long as the devil possession slowly left his body. Prayer finished he hung his head in exhaustion, never to return to the running track of hell ever again. Whew.
  • I really did tell a joke. It was of the celestial variety. I know Gandalf heard me. And it really was funny. Made you think. I like the thinkers.
  • The title of this backblast has noting to do with anything other than the song is stuck in my head.
  • Announcement. HDHH this week at The Suffolk Punch in Southend. Come try the newest F3 beer flavor – Side Straddle Hops IPA. Approved by Checkpoint. See you there Cindy.
  • Glandalf. Thank you for giving me almost a full 20 hours notice to Q the biggest sh&%show in F3. Love it.

Until next time.

Your friend,


2 thoughts on “Night Moves

  • March 5, 2019 at 8:53 am

    2 very important takeaways from this morning:

    1. LBJ gets it and isn’t a pussy. By far the best 50+ old bastard in F3.
    2. Good work dropping a FNG today Slutz. Good thing he didn’t cry like a little bitch like you did two weeks ago at the ‘Tank for getting dropped. Hopefully Malko can redo those spanking new Race Jerseys that say “No Man Left Behind”. #whoops

  • March 5, 2019 at 1:18 pm

    Let me guess – the joke was about Orion’s belt? You may need some new material, Slaughter. But i did re-use that joke recently on my kids. Only they didn’t laugh. Just rolled their eyes. I’m getting this dad joke thing down.

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