Easy on the elbows

12 pax showed up for some running and some exercising, and expectations were definitely met



Out of the parking lot and down Colville, a predictable start to my RR Q.  Some form of Merkin at each 4 way stop, unless you’re doctor said not to.  In that case, just audit and recommend exercises.   Hard right on eastover, cut through museum.  Elbow plank plank jacks in the parking lot, but not too many b/c this crew has sensitive ‘bows.   Right on Randolph, and take it down to Meadowbrook.  Stop there to gather the Pax w/ marry.  On to the hill, backwards run 2/3 of the way up, dry docks, then back down and back up to the top.  Collect pax at the top, mosey down Wendover to Vernon.   A bit more marry at Vernon, they back to base.  Watch said 4.7 miles, but still had about 6 min to occupy back at the launch so that may be generous.  Planked for 5ish and MMOB took charge to end with russian twists.

Strong take out by MMOB on the eve of his bday.

More elbow work next time.


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