Misty Mountain Hop

14 brave souls came out into the gloom of a misty rainy morning to get in their weekly workout that is Mission: I’m Possible.
We stayed moving and much mumble chatter was heard throughout our circuit of the home of the Carolina Panthers. If we were cold and wet at the beginning, we were warm (and still wet) by the end.
Here’s the rundown:
We warmed up in the new parking lot for the soon-to-be-opened coffee shop which will be staffed by CRM folks with SSHx15, Imperial Walkers x15, Sharon Towers x15 and Merkins x15
Then it was off for a mosey to the Panthers KEEP POUNDING tunnel for Airchairs and overhead press x15 followed by over arm and under arm chin ups along the rails.
Next we Moseyed over to the stadium and visited with Mr Jerry Richardson for some more cadenced movements:
Dips x15
Merkins x15
LBC x15
Right/Left oblique crunches x15
A quick breather and it was time for another (longer) mosey around the stadium and back towards home base. We all gathered at the big parking lot and did everyone’s favorite: “pick up a rock!”
Curls x15
Triceps x15
Overhead press x15
Sprint to the other side and back
Another mosey brought us to the wall of pain for a little more airchair and a final mosey to the COT.
A chilly morning was broken by 14 brothers in the gloom saying prayers and naming 2 new FNGs: Robin and Rush Hour. We thanked God for His love, each other and the fact that F3 will always be there… faithfully on Saturday mornings.

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