Revolution Backblast 3.9.19

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YHC prepped for this workout by scoping out the AO on Google Earth and in person, hunting down and retrieving the MeCa jugs, reviewing old backblasts and talking to a few of the men. I figured with 18, 10 lb jugs and an AO that typically seeing about 10-12 men, I would be good to go. However, the cars kept rolling in and before I knew it, 21 other men were there ready to roll at 7. No problem…part of being a preparer is having a back up plan. This is how it went down.


Short Mosey

1 minute plank (to get the mumblechatter started…several men took the bait)

1 Burpee


2 Burpees (GAAP starts to sense the pattern)


3 Burpees

15 CP IC

4 Burpees

15 Windmills

5 Burpees

10 MC

6 Burpees

10 Merkins IC

7 Burpees

10 LBCs IC

8 Burpees

1 minute plank

The Thang

Mosey to YHC’s car, grab 10 lb laundry detergent jugs, and head back to the football field.

Partner up in threes (with one group of four).

Jug-a-lug Grinder!

One man lines up on 50 yard line, one man lines up at end zone, third man is running in between with jugs.

Round 1

50 yard line – air squats

End zone – merkins

Man with jugs runs between as passes off with 10 shoulder presses while receiving man does five burpees

Round 2

50 yard line – LBCs

End zone – WWII sit-ups

Man with jugs runs between as passes off with 10 curls while receiving man does five burpees

Sit jugs on sidelines

Mosey to the playground for the following:

10 pull-ups

10 LBCs

8 pull-ups

8 LBCs

6 pull-ups

6 LBCs

4 pull-ups

4 LBCs

2 pull-ups

2 LBCs

Mosey to wall

People’s Chair

Balls to the Wall

Mosey back to the field

Partner up and partner wheelbarrow to the end of the field.

Four sets of sprints


Circle Merks

Homer to Marge Medley



Thanks to @RexKwanDo, @Swayze and all of the Black Men Run men who encouraged me to Q today…on the AO anniversary no less. Thanks to @RopeADope and @Pipeline for all the intel on things to do. Thanks to @Dredd for the mumblechatter and encouragement. Inspiring messages were delivered today about the power of F3 and impact that it’s had on men’s lives. Both organizations have very similar missions when you break them down. Promoting physical fitness in men so that we are healthy and useful to our families and communities. I’m proud to call you all my brothers and look forward to sharpening myself against you men in the years to come!

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  • March 15, 2019 at 11:56 am

    Aye! Long live BMR and F3. 22 Pax: FNGBamBam, Achtung Baby, FNG Poe, TrickorTreat, Swish, Valdez, Carrier, Feel Good, Grapevine, The Farm, Rope-A-Dope, Waco, Swayze, RexKwonDo, Boondoggle, Chico, Curly, Jedi, GAAP, Dredd, Coyote, Back-up

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