SIB: Take Me Back to Where We All Began

Spackler’s hill is an F3 staple. Probably was used in the very first AG workout on 1/1/11 (no need look up the backblast or provide history lesson). And so many F3 beatdowns use this very simple (but effective) tool to deliver pain. We did it again today. Was accused of making it up as we go – well, yes.

16 pax this morning.

Warm up through Selwyn parking lot, down Runnymede to Colony, left on Colony down to the creek by Selwyn entrance.


Cool down.

*OK I’ll provide a little more detail.

1st – Repeats up Spackler, suicide (sort of). Hard to speed bump, jog down. Tennis court driveway, jog down. Next speed bump, Jog down. All the way up. Jog down OTHER SIDE to stop sign. Hard back up and over – continuing hard effort on downhill. Then repeats up to driveway (hard up/jog down).

Jog down Mustang Way and regroup.

2nd: From tennis court driveway – hard up and over the top all the way down to stop sign. Jog down to speed bump at Briar Creek. Hard run up Colony towards MPHS circle, jog down. Extend the distance a little for 3x. Back to Colony stop sign (if you are turned around we are now at the intersection of Colony and Colony on the backside of Spackler’s).

3rd: Run the backside of Spackler’s 3x (jog down). Jog all the way down to Briar Creek speed bump on Colony. Run hard to the top of Spackler’s. Jog down other side. We are now back at Selwyn entrance.

4th: Hard to tennis court drive (jog down). All the way up Spackler’s (jog down). Hard to tennis court drive (jog down).

Cool down back to AG entrance. 6:10AM.

We covered 7.5 miles without venturing more than 3/4 of a mile from AG. Good stuff. Belly Itcher must have been saving up for a big finish. By far the strongest on the last set. He did an extra interval at the end. He’s obviously holding back (or more intelligently paced) on the earlier intervals. Disney and Merrill are now old Army buddies – feeling the love. Swamp Fox was crushing it today. I’m pretty sure Checkpoint passed me (almost?) on one of the Spackler’s backside intervals. Several pax with impressive hill speed on that particular stretch. Threw in an extra one (and extra long) on that backside after calling for “3 times” – just to make sure that I “won” at least one. Coach showing his usual leadership in keeping the pax together – he’s an inspiration to us all. Apparently ‘Atlas’ is an insulting term – but then most anything sounds insulting when Cindy says it…

On another sad note: Checkpoint informed us that Waterbug (from Hartsville, SC) died during a race this past weekend. A complete shock to his family and friends so please keep them in your prayers. Or do 45 burpees to honor him (not kidding). Or both.

I’m out next week so either Cindy or Swamp Fox will be in charge. Maybe you could take a vote (write-in candidates are welcome).

Peace, out.



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