RC Cola and Moon Pies-Core’s Breakfast of Champions

On a beautiful post spring your clocks forward Tuesday 27 men of Core gathered to get better at the mother ship of all Core workouts, ALS. It was the Q’s birthday and I was honored that 27 men chose to celebrate another year on this planet with me in such a unique fashion.
Here is what we did: after a brief warmup of the usuals we moseyed to the Selwyn dumpster area where we did the following circuit 3 times which I called the Dumpster Dive: Dips, Derkins, and Jump-ups in the picnic area, bear crawl the ramps up to and behind the dumpsters and donkey kicks on the wall. (8 of each).
After finishing we did air presses and head and shoulders knees and toes (I am sure there is another more adult name for this) and then we were off to the back entrance with a brief stop for Mike Tysons at the friendly neighborhood curb..
At the back entrance road we did BLIMPS down the hill and SPMILB back up followed by a trip to the upper parking lot where we did a circuit of pre-designated exercises in each of the corners. We had time for one round of partner hand slap merkin relays and then we finished up with a round of Mary.
I am always amazed at how quick the CORE guys are at knocking out BLIMPS and circuit work. Guys like Chips can flat knock out burpees, merkins and derkins. You have to always over plan to keep CORE guys busy cause they can flat get it done.
I have been a part of numerous creative birthday Q’s during my F3 tenure so I thought I celebrate mine in unique fashion by bringing the guys a taste of my life growing up as a kid in East Tennessee. After a hard day working or playing I always looked forward to the southern Nectar of the Gods, an RC Cola and a
Moon Pie. The guys were treated to a round of RC’s and Moon Pies which I hoped got their day off to a grand start!
Special thanks go out to Foo for spinning a playlist that covered most of my six decades on this planet. There is nothing like doing burpees to the concert version of Free Bird or windmills to the Beatles “When I’m 64.” which I now officially am. Thanks for the birthday wishes, guys. Love you. Mean it.

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