Something Old, Something New

10 pax must not have seen the twitter preblast or wanted to do pull-ups so they posted.  and we moseyed:

The Thang:

Out the park, down Camila to left on Thornridge to right on Broad Hollow to left on Kimblewyck to Hartmill.  Regroup for some sort of COT: SSH x 10 IC, IW x 10 IC, merkins x 10 IC, Diamonds x 20 OYO, WideArms x 10 IC.  Mosey Hartmill to left on Sharon View, past Rock Creek to right on Flintwood, to end of Flintwood.  Listen for banjos.  PeterParkersPeters x 20 IC.

Partner up by proximity to your personal space.  Partner1: run up hill past the wet spot to the street light,  partner2: alternating squats and HeelsToHeaven.  Flipflop, repeat x2 each… round 2: partner 1 run, partner 2 alternating lunges and LBCs.

Pick up all 10 pax on the way back up Flintwood to left on Sharon View to left on Hartmill, to bottom of Hartmill hill… with 8 pax now… stagger right merkins x10 IC, stagger left merkins x10 IC.  Mosey back up Hartmill to left on Kimblewyck to right on Broad Hollow.  Pause in the depths of Broad Hollow for AYG back to Camila.  Pause for some plank and mary then AYG to Carmel Rd.

Just enough time for plankorama, 6inches and merkins x10 OYO.


We lost Cooter.  Plain and simple.  He was keeping up on the way out but Flintwood got him.  Q fail with big backup from GasX.  After evading the twosome, that splinter group opted for exercises at the Church of Charlotte.  My fault, men… Flintwood was like Rock Creek but sketchier, windier and not quite as steep.  Hard to tell where the houses were and there were the following items around the cul-de-sac: lawnmower, bench, rolling trash can, do not trespass sign, and chain across the “dirt path to nowhere.”  if it ever dries up, we’ll hit that path.  If it weren’t for that motion detected street light, no way we wouldv’e spent more time down there.  Spooky… besides that, too many shenanigans to list.

Announcements:  The Map- 3rd F, every Wednesday 630am-ish at Brueggers Cotswold

Special prayer request for the F3 pax that passed during a 15k.  Pls pray for him and his family… Pray wide, lot of this world needs it.

Aqua- thx for the invite to lead, the preblast and double duty siteQ-ing.

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  • March 13, 2019 at 9:22 pm

    Uh, hey guys, can someone send GasX back for me? I think I’m lost again.

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