8@8 Preblast: Luuuuuuuuuuke

Fresh route – never been done before. You’re getting it a few hours early, thanks to Checkpoint (aka Pressure-Point) who was itching for it.  8-mile option only.


From the lot …

Run down Providence Rd. toward Christ Church, up the giant hill

Right on Harris Rd (near the top of the hill)

Left on Sharon

Left on Red Fox Trail

First right on Foxcroft Rd

First right on Lemon Tree – run this until it dead-ends. Give a shout out to Luuuuuke Kuechly

After you turn around at the dead-end, take a right on Sedley

Take Sedley all the way until it dead-ends …

Then follow the Caffeine Route to Sharon (so, that’s a left on Arbor Way, quick right on Abingdon Rd, Right on Pelham Lane, which will get you to Sharon).

Right on Sharon

Left on Providence Rd.

Right on Vernon Dr. – this will take you back to Providence

Take Providence back to the lot.




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