Knights of Columbus, that hurt

At 5:30 19 men launched into the gloom, then had to immediately stop for 6 SSH’s IC while we waited for Skyline to saunter in. We then took McDonald to Park to Park and stopped at the Kenilworth & Scott divergence for instructions.

Out & back Kenilworth/Scott zipper: partner up. One take Kenilworth, one Scott, meeting in the middle of every cross street for 15 partner derkins and 15 partner sit ups. After completing the exercises in the lot at the bottom of the Wedge (Romany), reverse course and take it home hitting the same cross streets for derkins/sit ups.

Ice 9 led Mary at the gas station to wait on the six – 200 flutters IC then 10 heels to heaven. Take it back to the Sedgefield lot for COT.

Metrics: ~3.5 miles, 240 derkins, 240 sit ups.

Announcements: nothing I care to repeat.

Those metrics only apply to those who actually followed instructions. Almost immediately the pax began to audible. By the 2nd cross street, Blackjack decided that partner sit ups took too long, so he & Paula switched to doing lbc’s at the same time. By the 8th cross street they’d abandoned the derkins. Team Eli/Skyline quickly determined that stops for exercises were nothing more than thinly veiled rest periods & essentially just ran out to Romany and back. For reasons unknown LOUDMOUTH/Marilyn seemed to be doing a tremendous amount of flutters. Bermuda appeared from time to time & muttered something incoherent. Not surprisingly, Team Slice/Ice dominated from start to finish and definitely earned the coveted gold star for today. Tclaps to Dib/Tormund and RFoxx/Starbuck, as they were up near the front as well and also did all the exercises. Snots brought along site FNG Brick House, who was in town on business. As I left my house at 5:20 came across Snots running down McDonald Ave on an EC run. Brick House had joined him for EC but had been forced to duck into a port-a-jon to collect his thoughts. It did not appear that his first Sparta post improved from there. Tclaps for sticking with it though & hopefully you’ll join us again when back in CLT.

Thanks to Blackjack for taking us out. Strong words, even if he did cheat like hell this morning.

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  • March 22, 2019 at 7:38 pm

    In typical Doobie fashion, he is believing his own truth rather than reality. Team Eli/skyline completed every derkin and individual lbcs. There should be some sort of penalty for expressing these falsehoods. I await a full retraction!

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