Skinny Ring > Figure 8

The cars kept pulling up- mild temps brought out good numbers despite the Q on the schedule.  There was a plan so we departed..

The Thang:

Mosey right on Providence to left on Vernon.  COP somewhere on Vernon: SSH x15 IC, IW x 10 IC, Birdfeeders x 5 each side OYO.  Mosey up the hill to left on Wendover to left on Randolph.  Amoeba up at Meadowbrook for Squats OYO.  Left on Meadowbrook to the greenway (not the dirt road).  Follow greenway back to Mint Museum.  Plank, Elbows and J-Lo’s x 10 IC.

To the pax dismay, mosey right on Randolph all the way up the hill to Wendover.  10count at Wendover and take it home (right on Wendover, right on Vernon, right on Providence).  Fin.


Apparently the pax had hit the greenway previously so the excitement factor was focused on how the heck we’d get back by 0615.  YHC thought the greenway would bridge to Providence but that section is coming soon to a RingRun near you.  As a result, fake news on Monday night twitter pre-blast of a figure 8.  We could’ve circled back thru the Meadowbrook neighborhood for that btch of a winding hill but time did not allow (cheers)… Good display of head lamps this morning- YHC fitted Chalet for one as the rabbit… 5.4miles on the strava…  HE sighting at COT – with dog.

Thanks to Rock for the Q slot.  Thanks to Tardy for the reminder and grabbing the site Q.  Thx to pax for simultaneously pushing and pulling YHC in different ways.

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