Ramping It Up


Run from the Dowd to the parking decks that surround the Dowd, run up the steps (10 merkin-ish/20 an-ish reps) and down the ramps—in the following order: Dowd, CMC, Target, Ranger, Courthouse, Mutha, BBT and back in. Seemed doable. Maybe we don’t get the BBT in. Maybe the Mutha would be a stretch.

Man, was I off—we only made it to the Target. Three, that’s it and we had to head back. I threw in a bonus mini lot on Morehead that wasn’t in the plan.


NakedMan Moleskin

  1.  Here’s the problem with P2W. Everybody is either a BatFlipper (in which case the HateHose is on full blast from jump) or runs like a dang wolf (in which case you drown anyway).
  2. We ran almost 5m this AM, went up/down four garages and did some exercises on the top of each one—and still I couldn’t hold these bast***s off.
  3. Cindy took off after the Target deck (howling like a wolverine) and we never saw him again (not sure what was up with that).
  4. It might have had something to do with MicroSlice’s 40m long soliliquy on how to make gluten-free ravioli (we now know HOW, but not WHY). Finally, Cindy (not really a morning guy at the best of times) did a BabyJesus on him (that’s a high-volume verbal hate-bullet)—but that just seemed to reset Slice (he moved on to pastafazul).
  5. GMO was NOT wearing his customary “New York” sweartshirt (not sure why), but is clearly still seeking answers.
  6. GMO explained to all PAX present the different names for hats (again, not sure why).
  7. We realized in the COT that MicroSlice and Tormund were dressed like twins, which is odd given that they are from opposite ends of the earth (and don’t really get each other).
  8. Despite there being multiple StageCoach PAX, no one mentioned the (ahem) shakeup in the Wells C-Suite. #TooSoon
  9. Purple Rabbi complained bitterly about the cold (it was 39) 🤷‍♂️
  10. We did not burpees—odd for me.

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