Old route, new attitude

Revisit of the OrthoCarolina route preview. A bit of a tradition around here — 8@8 typically tries to preview race courses in our neck of the woods. It provides others a chance to experience the magic of the race at 5 a.m. for free. I guess we don’t get the cool pint glass, but everything else is the same.

No six mile route this week. Choose your own adventure if you are looking to run six.

Here are your turn by turn directions:

  • From the lot, head down Providence toward uptown
  • Right on S. Caswell
  • Right on Randolph
  • Left of N. Laurel
  • Right on Vail
  • Left of Dotger
  • Right on Monroe
  • Right on Wendover
  • Right on Randolph
  • At Billingsville Elementary the course gets a little funky and looks like it runs through the parking lot (?), Right on Skyland and a quick Left on Sam Drenan (very curious as to why they did this; so random)
  • Right on Randolph
  • Left on Dotger
  • Left on Colville
  • Right on Cherokee
  • Left on Providence back to the lot.

Here’s what it looks like on Strava: https://www.strava.com/routes/10192735





One thought on “Old route, new attitude

  • October 26, 2017 at 10:08 pm

    Probably obvious, but that’s a Right on Wendover, not a Left.

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