Reverse MLB

This was a little different today. No Catch Me If You Can, No Hippie Hill, No pine straw in your pants down by the lake. We met and stayed in the parking lot.

Managed to do 3 or 4 laps just for the heck of it. Of the parking lot that is. More of a rest from the other stuff. And a rest was needed.

Here’s the thang:

Usual start: SSH, Merkins, Imperial Walker, Sharon Towers.

Line up on edge of parking lot for:

1 Squat Thrust, 1 KB Swing, 1 KB Russian Twist (the real kind where your bell touches the ground on both sides and your torso actually twists) up to 12 reps of each. Crowd pleaser.

10 Burpees

50 SSH

20 KB Squats – lap 1

50 SSH

20 Forward Lunges R/L

20 Backward Lunges R/L

20 Squat Jumps

40 second count Squat with right leg extending out/in – this is where it got interesting as the pax actually had to do the counting. More on this later.

40 second count Squat with left leg extending out/in

50 SSH – lap 2

15 Burpees

20 Push Press R/L

60 second count Mountain Climbers – lap 3 somewhere in here

60 second count Plank

60 second count Reverse Crunch

60 second count Peter Parker

60 second count chest press laying on ground


Takeout by Valdez

Announcements: Q’s needed for MIP.


Warm and humid combined with constant effort resulted in a good sweat this am. Nice work by the pax.

Good response time on 10 counts and there were many. Appreciate the listening.

Counting is a tough one for Core pax. On the timed exercises YHC used the pax as the counter. Start at one end of line, count increases with each pax until end is reached and then double back. That was a difficult concept. Third round things got better but then it was time for Reverse Crunch and the count had to start on the opposite end and count down from 60. Struggles on many counts.

Ruckers got back on time…wonder where they go for coffee in just 45 minutes.

Welcome Dozer to the Core pax. It’s different here. Hope you come back. Won’t blame you if you don’t. No really Charcoal will behave next time.

Thansk for the opportunity… it’s been a while and YHC needs to Q more. Push me please.

C you next time! Y because we loves ya’!




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